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Become an official Partner with Plettenberg Bay’s Whale Heritage Area and enjoy the following benefits:

  1. Enhanced Brand Presence: Partnering with Plettenberg Bay’s WHA provides an opportunity to extend a company or organisation’s brand presence by closely associating with the international accreditation as one of only ten Whale Heritage Areas globally. The Whale Cetacean Alliance actively promotes these accredited areas as premier ocean tourism destinations, making it an ideal association for discerning tourists.
  2. Gold Standard in Ocean Tourism: Plettenberg Bay’s accreditation is considered the gold standard in ocean tourism. Partners have the unique advantage of being closely linked to this prestigious accolade, positioning themselves as leaders in promoting sustainable and responsible tourism practices.
  3. Exclusive Access and Exposure: Partnership entails select access to the Plettenberg Bay Whale Heritage Area (WHA) brand and logo. Partners will benefit from prominent exposure across all WHA and World Cetacean Alliance digital marketing activities, amplifying their visibility to a global and South African audience.
  4. Community of Like-minded Organisations: Partners become part of a select international community comprising over 100 like-minded organisations. This community shares a common dedication to ocean conservation, sustainable ocean tourism, and community engagement, fostering valuable connections and collaborative opportunities.
  5. Tax Deduction Benefits: As our Non-Profit Organization (NPO) is in the process of applying for registration as a Section 18A Public Benefit Organisation, Partners stand to enjoy tax deduction benefits. This adds a layer of financial advantage for organisations committed to supporting initiatives that contribute to ocean conservation and sustainable tourism.


In summary, a partnership with Plettenberg Bay’s Whale Heritage Area offers a range of strategic advantages, from global and local brand exposure; an association with a prestigious environmental accolade and collaboration with a community dedicated to making a positive impact on ocean conservation and sustainable tourism. Additionally, the potential tax benefits further underscore the mutual value of such partnerships. For more information contact us here

Partner Opportunities

Exclusive branding and marketing opportunities to align your company with a renowned organisation dedicated to ocean conservation.
Increased visibility and credibility as a leader in sustainable tourism.
Enhanced customer loyalty and market differentiation through association with a reputable cause.
Potential for co-marketing opportunities and access to a network of businesses, conservationists, and researchers to collaborate on campaigns and initiatives.
A chance to make a positive impact on the environment and contribute to the protection of Plettenberg Bay’s ocean.  

 Joining the Plett Whale Heritage area as an individual offers numerous benefits, including a sense of purpose and contribution to a meaningful cause. Members also enjoy exclusive access to events, workshops, and networking opportunities to engage with like-minded individuals and industry experts. In addition, members receive newsletters and updates on the latest research and conservation efforts, as well as the satisfaction of knowing that their support is directly contributing to the protection and conservation of these magnificent animals.

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