A wealth of ocean and outdoor experiences

Nestled in the Garden Route, Plettenberg Bay boasts unparalleled natural beauty and ecological significance.

It hugs the Indian Ocean, flanked by Tsitsikamma and Robberg marine protected areas, showcasing its commitment to marine conservation.

The Garden Route Biosphere Reserve, a UNESCO gem, highlights its extraordinary biodiversity. The azure waters teem with diverse ocean wildlife, with MPAs acting as crucial nurseries. Bryde’s Whales, Bottlenose Dolphins, and others call this haven home. During migration, Southern Right and Humpback Whales grace the scene. Killer Whales add a unique touch to this sanctuary.

Robberg peninsula offers a breath-taking view of whales, sharks, seals, and birds. Rich in history, it’s a blend of nature and heritage. Today, Plettenberg Bay stands as a beacon of conservation, hosting the Plett Ocean Festival and spearheading research efforts. Its dedication has earned it sustainable tourism awards, solidifying its status as a responsible destination where nature and stewardship unite, inviting visitors on an extraordinary journey.

Robberg Peninsula

The Robberg peninsula, stretching 3.5 kilometres into the expanse of the Indian Ocean, is a breath-taking feature of the beauty of Plettenberg Bay. Here, one can marvel at both migratory and permanent whale populations, witness the powerful presence of Great White Sharks, and observe the lively breeding colony of Cape Fur Seals.

The skies and cliff tops are home to a diverse array of indigenous bird species. As one navigates the trails of the peninsula, uncover the secrets of millennia, including the ancient, archaeologically important, Nelson Bay Cave.

Undoubtedly, a visit to the Robberg peninsula stands as the pinnacle of any journey to Plettenberg Bay, offering a truly unique experience that embodies the essence of Bahia Formosa‘s beauty and diversity.

Coastal hiking in Plett caters for the casual walker to those seeking the most arduous mountain, coastal, or forest trails

Plettenberg Bay is a premier destination for whale-watching in South Africa and has two licenced whale boat operators Ocean Safaris and Ocean Blue .

Both companies offer thrilling excursions to witness these awe-inspiring creatures in their natural habitat. Whether you choose a boat tour or a kayak adventure, you can expect to see a variety of whale species, including humpbacks and southern rights, as well as other marine life such as dolphins and seals.

Plettenberg Bay’s wealth of bird species is undeniably one of its most prized natural treasures. The region is home to a remarkable array of sought-after endemic bird species, with half of them exclusive to South Africa. The town falls within an area defined as an Important Bird and Biodiversity Area (IBAs) by BirdLife International. Birding enthusiasts will find an array of exciting opportunities, from exploring forest habitats in Nature’s Valley to observing the bustling Kelp Gull breeding colony at Keurbooms Beach. The Bitou River floodplain is a haven for migratory waders, while the Keurbooms estuary hosts a vibrant community of seabirds.

The town is well-prepared to meet the needs of both local and international birders. It boasts a team of certified and seasoned bird guides, as well as comprehensive birding checklists for the dedicated and experienced twitcher. This ensures that visitors have all they need to make the most of their birding adventures in Plettenberg Bay.

Plett is arguably one of the most exciting areas for mountain biking in South Africa, with trails that require basic proficiency to those geared towards the serious MTB cyclist.

Plett Tourism is a wonderful resource for anyone planning on visiting the region. We highly recommend using their detailed website to plan your next visit to us.